Louis C.K. Sparks Outrage By Slamming Shooting Victims In Stand-up Set


Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. has sparked outrage by attacking the Parkland shooting survivors in a recent stand-up set.
Audio posted on YouTube showed the funnyman, whose career was derailed last year after admitting sexual misconduct, had slammed the high school students turned anti-gun campaigners while performing at the Governor’s Comedy Club in Long Island, New York on 16 December.
During his set, the comedian took aim at the teenagers, who led pro-gun control rallies and addressed politicians, saying: “They testify in front of Congress these kids…What are you doing? You’re young you should be crazy, you should be unhinged. Not in a suit saying ‘I’m here to tell you…’ F**k you.”
The 51-year-old went on to add that the only reason leading campaigners like Emma Gonzalez, 19, and David Hogg, 18, had survived the attack, which killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in February, was because they had hid behind a “fat kid”.
“You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot,” he said. “Why does that mean I have to listen to you? Why does that make you interesting. You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I gotta listen to you talking.”
During his set, which was met with applause by the live audience, he also criticized young people for their views on gender identity, saying he was “disappointed” in today’s youth for demanding they be addressed by their chosen rather than assigned gender.
Louis’ remarks sparked outrage on social media, as users accused him of “punching down” and making a mockery of his pledge to atone for his past behavior, which included masturbating in front of female comics without consent.
One former fan, comedy writer Jack Allison, wrote on Twitter: “There was always part of me that was hoping he’d turn things around, put out a better apology, and make a huge comeback…but I think that part of me just died listening to this.”
Others joked that the funnyman had entirely abandoned his past liberal views and was now going to carve out a career catering to supporters of President Donald Trump – who has also been accused of sexual misconduct.