Kevin Spacey Pulled Over For Speeding Minutes After Leaving Court

Kevin Spacey was reportedly pulled over for speeding after leaving a court hearing on Monday morning (07Jan19) in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
A TMZ cameraman was close by when the disgraced actor was stopped by police minutes after leaving court following his not guilty plea, which was entered by his lawyer, and grabbed the footage.
Spacey was given a verbal warning and told to slow down before the traffic cop let him and his attorney, Alan Jackson, who was the actor’s passenger go.
The Usual Suspects star, who has been charged with groping a teenager in a restaurant in 2016, tried to avoid the trip to court by insisting there was no need for him to be there but the judge insisted he show up. Spacey won’t have to return to Nantucket District Court for the pre-trial hearing on March 4.