Brie Larson Relieved She Kept Captain Marvel Secrets For Three Years

Brie Larson is very “relieved” she managed to keep all of Captain Marvel’s secrets for three years.

The Oscar-winning actress was announced as lead character Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel in the Marvel Studios’ feature back in 2016, and the film finally premiered in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Speaking about what it was like to know all of the spoilers for such a long time, Brie shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday that she found it to be a daunting task.

“I’m just relieved I haven’t spoilt it yet honestly. I’ve been so scared. I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody that I was even playing Captain Marvel for a year,” she sighed.

Brie went on to explain how she recently told her concerns to her co-star Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the movie. But the Hollywood veteran quickly advised her to relax, especially so close to the debut.

“I told him, ‘I’m so stressed, I can’t deal with this anymore. And he was like, ‘What are they going to do? Fire you now? Like, right before the premiere? You’re fine,’” the 29-year-old recalled.

Elsewhere in the interview, Brie spoke about how she has now traveled the world with Samuel more than anyone else, as they also worked together on Kong: Skull Island and Unicorn Store, and how they now even use code words in text conversations.

“Our love is real. He can’t fake that stuff. In (Captain Marvel), there are (shapeshifting characters) Skrulls, so part of how you know if someone’s a Skrull is you ask them personal questions, so we’ve been rolling pretty deep with that,” she shared. “So, there’s things that only we know. (The questions) deal mostly with people that we hate. We’re pretty stealthy about it.

“We’ve done three movies together, so there’s a lot of people to hate in three movies!”