Eat Like a Celebrity: Gigi Hadid


What do celebrities like to eat? With their access to upscale restaurants and personal chefs, they must enjoy foods that mere mortals can only fantasize about.

Then again, when you see their toned bodies, you imagine they live on smoothies and juices, with an occasional beautifully-presented but tiny meals.

While it is true that most celebrities follow a healthy lifestyle, they are humans after all – they also indulge in burgers and Mexican food from time to time.


Today’s Pick: Gigi Hadid

The model has admitted to loving burgers, especially the ones from JG Melon in the West Village. “My personal motto is ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane,” she said. For breakfast, she chooses scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with coffee and OJ on the side or, under the influence of her British boyfriend Zayn Malik, baked beans. When it comes to sweet treats, Gigi’s favorite is Grasshopper Pie ice cream.