Eat Like a Celebrity: Chris Pratt


What do celebrities like to eat? With their access to upscale restaurants and personal chefs, they must enjoy foods that mere mortals can only fantasize about.

Then again, when you see their toned bodies, you imagine they live on smoothies and juices, with an occasional beautifully-presented but tiny meals.

While it is true that most celebrities follow a healthy lifestyle, they are humans after all – they also indulge in burgers and Mexican food from time to time.


Today’s Pick: Chris Pratt

Chris is known for his unbelievable body transformation.

“I actually lost weight by eating more food, but eating the right food, eating healthy foods.”

Reportedly, he consumes 4,000 calories a day and lots of water, combined with insane trainings.

But while he must eat things like kale chips, when it comes to what he really loves, he chooses meat in all shapes and sizes.