Paris Hilton Booked Kim Kardashian For New Music Video All About The Reality Star’s Famous Butt


Paris Hilton secured Kim Kardashian for the music video to her new song Best Friend’s A** after telling her pal she inspired the tune.

The dance track revolves around a night out with a voluptuous friend and Paris reveals Kim was always the center of attention when they used to hang out.

“I sent Kim the song and she loved it and I asked her to be part of the music video and we shot two days later,” Paris tells Access Live. “It was so much fun.


“I just wanted to make a really fun song about girls having fun. It really is a commentary on social media and kinda just making fun of the whole scene… I needed someone who would represent the song in the best way possible, and Kim was the perfect person; she’s just so beautiful and the title fits her perfectly.”