Pamela Anderson Ditches ‘cheating’ Soccer Star Boyfriend


Pamela Anderson has accused her soccer star boyfriend Adil Rami of cheating on her by living a “double life”.

The former Baywatch star launched an astonishing tirade aimed at the French World Cup winner on Instagram, calling him a “monster” and writing that she recently discovered he is involved with at least one other woman.

Pamela, 51, who has been dating the 33-year-old sports star since 2017, began a long series of posts: “It’s hard to accept. The last (more than) 2.

years of my life have been a big lie. I was scammed, led to believe … we were in big love?

“He used to joke about other players who had girlfriends down the street in apartments close to their wives.

He called those men monsters. ? But this is worse. He lied to all. How is it possible to control 2 women’s hearts and minds like this – I’m sure there were others.”

She later went on to accuse Adil of being like “narcissists” and “sociopaths” and explained how she had spoken to his ex Sidonie Biemont, the mother of his two sons, whom the star claimed had also been lied to.

Pamela also claimed he had “threatened me many times” and had showed up at her hotel with flowers before being escorted away by security.

She also wrote that the photographer David LaChappelle had warned her he was a “liar” that he had lied to his mother, and that he, “should not be the face of protecting women from domestic violence,” a reference to his work with the French anti-domestic violence campaign platform 3919.

Adil, who plays for Olympique de Marseille in the south of France, where he had been living with Pamela, is yet to comment publicly on Pamela’s claims.