Kathy Griffin Feels Guilty Dying Sister Lived Through Donald Trump Mask Controversy


Comedienne Kathy Griffin will forever regret the fact her late sister had to live through the controversy of her severed Donald Trump head art piece, while she was battling cancer.

The polarizing video footage, which was unveiled online in 2017 and sparked a wave of outrage and debate, featured the TV star holding a bloody likeness of President Donald Trump’s head.

Griffin lost endorsement deals and was removed from her co-hosting duties of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage as a result of her actions, but the 58 year old insists it was the toll the swarm of attention took on her family that was the most difficult thing to face – Griffin, her 97-year-old mother and sister Joyce, who was battling terminal cancer all received a barrage of death threats.


“I felt guilty, like I brought this on,” Kathy tells People. “I didn’t mean to, but I still brought this inadvertently into their lives at such a difficult time, especially my sister.”

Griffin confirms that Joyce, who died later that year, was sent angry messages “telling her to go to hell” right up until she passed away, but despite the ordeal, the comedienne does not regret her actions.

“I’m not apologizing,” she says.

Her experience is chronicled in new documentary Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story.