Rebel Wilson Gets Her Eggs Frozen As A ‘back-up Plan’


Rebel Wilson has frozen her eggs so that she can potentially become a mother when the time is right.

The Isn’t It Romantic star, 39, who is currently believed to be single, admitted during an interview on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show that she’s taken things into her own hands by visiting a fertility clinic.

When host Kyle Sandilands opened the interview with the somewhat random question “Are you getting sexy time in?, Rebel replied: “I’ve just come from the fertility clinic, actually! Which means no time for sexy time.”


Asked why she was at the clinic, Rebel answered: “Because it’s a back-up plan. Career women should have options, you know?”

Kylie then suggested the screen star should “get a few (eggs) frozen”, to which Rebel said “Yes”, before adding: “A lot of women, especially in their 30s or if they can in their 40s, should think about doing it now. I know a lot of my friends here in Hollywood are doing it.”

Freezing eggs or embryos has become a common practice in recent years, with women who are keen to start a family after the age when their fertility naturally declines turning to the practice to increase their chances of becoming a parent later in life.

Other stars who have spoken out about freezing their eggs include Chrissy Teigen, Jamie Chung and Halsey.