Meghan McCain Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Her Father John’s Death: ‘I Lost My Hero’


Meghan McCain is paying tribute to her late father John McCain ahead of the anniversary of his death last year.

The Arizona senator died on August 25, 2018, from stage four brain cancer at the age of 81.

The View co-host, 34, called her father’s death “the worst day of her life” on Twitter Saturday.

“I lost my hero. I miss my father every single day, I will for the rest of my life,” she wrote alongside a photo holding her beloved dad’s hand.

“Grief is omnipresent and relentless. For every single person who has sent prayers, love & support to my family, we are truly grateful,” she said.

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In a follow-up post, the late politician’s daughter shared she would be taking a hiatus from social media during this emotional time.

“On this anniversary until his birthday after the 29th I am going to take a break from social media,” she wrote. “The memory of my father’s life continues to guide me today, as it always will. Remember to cherish your loved ones. I still can’t believe my heart didn’t stop when yours did, Dad.”

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Earlier this week, Meghan’s mother Cindy McCain wrote a personal essay for PEOPLE about life without her husband of 38 years. “He could never stand still, and he didn’t want us to languish in our loss. Neither did he want us to mark the anniversary of his passing with solemn commemorations and tears, but to celebrate the life we shared with him,” she wrote.

“Things are getting better, as he promised us they would before he left us. We still miss his dynamism, his humor, the adventures we shared, the fun we had together. We miss his fighting spirit, especially when it served the causes he cared about most — respect for the dignity of all people and the political values that best protect it: liberty and justice for all,” she said.

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Meghan announced earlier this month that she would be continuing her father’s legacy with her discussion of conservative politics in a new Audible Original audiobook, which she will write and perform.

The book will also offer an inside look into what she learned about the topic from her father.

“There is nothing more important — and the McCain legacy lights the way,” she said in a statement. As an heir of that legacy, I have the responsibility to speak out, now more than ever. This book, and this collaboration with Audible, enables me to do exactly that in a way that is both personal and accessible to as many people as possible.”

An exact release date and title have not yet been announced.