Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone Kick It (Really) Old School with Medieval Times Jousting Match


Post Malone took a time-traveling trip with Jimmy Fallon to Medieval Times, where they battled it out on horseback — kind of.

In a special Sunday edition of The Tonight Show, Fallon and the “Circles” rapper — who released his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, on Friday — journeyed to the legendary restaurant chain, decked out in appropriately medieval garb. Together they feasted on chicken and potatoes (which Fallon helpfully mashed for Malone) and even had an audience with the Queen.

Her royal highness admitted to being a huge fan of Malone’s work. But Fallon’s? Not so much. “We don’t have television in medieval times,” she explained. “But you have Spotify?” Fallon countered. The past is weird.


After taking in a sword match between a pair of knights, Fallon and Malone decided to face off themselves. But things got tricky after they suited up in bulky armor. “This helmet is heavy as s—,” Malone, 24, said as he stumbled around the ring. “It’s hard to move. My ass is sweating!”

Fallon, 44, kicked things up a notch by challenging Malone to a jousting match. Yet when it came time to actually duke it out, they opted to leave it to the professionals.

The memorable visit ended with a special treat for the Syracuse-born star, as he was dubbed “Lord Post Malone of Medieval Times.”

“I just hugged a queen!” he raved as the brief ceremony came to an end.

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This isn’t the first time the two have taken a field trip. In October 2018, Malone took the late night host to his favorite Italian hole-in-the-wall: Olive Garden. Amazingly, Fallon had never experienced the wonder of free wine samples, unlimited breadsticks and salad, “extra crispy” chicken parmesan, and free birthday cake.

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“You don’t pay for anything at this place,” Fallon marveled. “It’s unbelievable.”

Then, in August, they teamed up again for drinking songs and beer pong. The duo shared a pint as they sang “Seven Drunken Nights” in their best Irish accents, crooning out lyrics like “You’re drunk, you’re drunk you silly old fool / Still you cannot see … Well, it’s many a day I’ve traveled, a hundred miles or more / But tobacco in a tin-whistle, sure, I never saw before.”

The beer pong game featured special edition Bud Light cans emblazoned with Malone’s face. The match came after Malone shared that he plays beer pong backstage at his concerts.

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“It’s not really madness,” the “Sunflower” singer shared while explaining what goes on in his green rooms. “It’s a lot of Shania Twain … We just eat gummy bears and Cheetos, and play beer pong.”