Maisie Williams Says Her Game of Thrones Role Made Her Feel ‘Kind of Ashamed’ of Her Body


Maisie Williams is opening up about having to turn down her feminine side while playing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

While prepping for Paris Fashion Week, the actress, 22, spoke with Vogue about how playing a younger, more tomboy-ish character was hard on her self-esteem.

“Even though I was like 16, 18, I was still looking like 12,14,” Williams shared of her time on GoT.


“A couple of seasons in the middle, maybe around season 2 or 3, my body started to mature and I started to like, become a woman,” she explained.

Once her body began to change, Williams shared that she had to hide certain parts of her figure.

“Arya was still very much trying to be disguised as a boy, and I had really short hair and they would constantly cover me in dirt and shade my nose so it looked really broad and I look really manly,” she recalled.

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“They’d also put this strap across my chest to flatten any growth that had started,” Williams said, adding that she “felt horrible for like six months of the year,” and “felt kind of ashamed for a while.”

However, now that the final season of GoT has aired, the actress is able to find her own sense of style.

“So with this new phase of my style it is nice to look more feminine and have a real waistline and embrace the body that I have,” she told Vogue.

The star also recently shared her unique sense of style with the world through her customized shopping edit on

The collection, which includes pieces that she can’t stop wearing right now, speaks to her personal style and how she uses her wardrobe as an outlet for self-expression.